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damaged wood

• Areas of cracked or raised paint

• Areas of hollowed wood

• Discarded wings


Termites are wood boring insects that can quickly ruin the home you've grown to love. Once termites begin

to infest the wood of your home, it is impossible to get rid of them without professional services.


At Rush Termite our family owned and operated business serves the needs of our clients by professionally taking care of your termite problem and reducing a repeat event.

Our team offers full termite treatment for residential, commercial and HOA governed properties. Our experienced technicians offer custom solutions that are designed to rid your home of unwanted pests.

Ask about our wood replacement program today!

What to look for when dealing

with termites 

We can help you eliminate the problem

Our team creates solutions for residential, commercial and HOA clients. We also service Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and bank REO approved properties.

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Protect your investment with exceptional services that preserve your home.